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Manager & Fan Feedback

"When you play they stay"
- Marie, Entertainment Terry Park
Retirement Home
"The best staff party we've ever had"
- The Lieutenant, SOGH
"We really enjoyed your performance"
- Karen H., Music of the Park Coordinator and Mayor of Nakusp
"A beautiful artist"
- Victoria B., Revelstoke Plaza Events Coordinator
"Thanks again for the wonderful afternoon, you truly are a
wonderful entertainer"
- Terry H., Entertainerment Oliver Legion
"A great band"
- Doctor Allen Ruddiman, Owner
Toasted Oak Restaurant
""Awesome job, would you come back next year?"
- T Hannah, Dir, Int Prov Ex (IPE) Armstrong
"You are fabulous we want you back"
- April Earle, Music Coordinator
Princeton Fall Fair
"The best music I've ever
had in my house"

- Party Commando Tony T.,
House Party Host
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